Relax, We'll Keep Your 
Party on Schedule

A good Master of Ceremonies {“Emcee”} will help you keep your guests informed and keep your party on schedule. You can count on 
The Original MR DJ to organize all the things you want to happen like introductions, dinner, cake cutting, and dancing. We will emcee your event and do it with a great speaking voice.

Our mission is to make sure you can relax and enjoy being with your guests.

We are committed to your completesatisfaction. We want to make your experience hassle free. You have enough to worry about without having to worry about the entertainment.

(10% off towards I.B.E.W. members on individual party events)

Corporate Event Daytime

Rates - Day Rates = $600 for 4 hours
$100 per hour there after

*Typical daytime hours run from 10 am – 5 pm

* (With lighting) add  a flate $50.00 to

the hours listed above. 

Corporate Event Evening

Rates - $700 for 4 hours
$100 per hour there after

*Typical evening hours run from 5 pm ...

* (With lighting) add  a flate $50.00 to 
the hours listed above. 

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Corporate Event Parties in Chicago

Corporate Event Parties in Chicago Servicing all types of: Office Parties, Christmas Holiday Parties, Halloween Parties, Dinners, Luncheons, Union Meetings, Social, Political Action Committee, Fund raiser's, Going Away Parties in Chicago and Suburbs.