Our sound system includes a variety of systems. One system, including: two 1000-watt amplifiers with electronic crossovers, 3 CD players, wireless microphones and a mixer. Bose and MTX speakers are mounted on tri-pods with Peavey sub-woofers. These powerful systems are capable of handling halls up to 800 people, and another system using power  K speakers with built in amplifiers.

We use PCDJ software to organize our massive 20,000 title library, using mp3's within our laptops so we can always help you pick just the right music for your event.  With wi-fi internet access so that we can access even more music if needed.

Power requirements: Two 120-volts, 20-amp circuits for the DJ area to be supplied by the customer or venue. 

Equipment and Technical Expertise That Will Set Your Mind at Ease

^^ The lighting equipment we use can be seen in these videos above ^^

Set the Mood with the Right Lighting
Lighting is essential to setting the right mood at your party. Our lights illuminate the entire dance floor and give you that "Night Club" effect. We have one of the LARGEST lighting systems used for mobile DJ's.

We'll work with you to create just the right ambiance for your party.  Our lighting systems consists of 10 -foot truss system elevated 10-15 feet and smaller trusses for smaller venues. Lighting includes: special effects lights, fog, LED lighting, intelligent lighting and more.

The Original Mr. DJ lighting & sound equipment has dazzled guests at every event we have done.

DJLighting & SoundEquipment