Remember Not all DJ's are alike!

Are you Tired of the average Boring DJ? 

People have rated us as being the #1 interactive Party DJ Company
The Mr. DJ deejays do not have to put on any self-performances.

You really don't want to see your dj or any dj perform for you or others

because they are (not a band or singers). 

Instead your family and friends would rather have the fun themselves.
That's why we specialize in interacting with the clients, family, 
and friends through you!

*If interaction and family fun is not your cup of tea well then,
*we can be as laid back as you would like us to be.

​As everyone knows: the economy is hurting everyone, so we're rolling back our prices yet again and giving you additional discounts during this bad post recession time!

As we roll right out of one season and into the next:

The party season here does NOT END!

We are The Original Mr. DJ and we would at this time to extend a special invite

for you to come and talk to us about our DJ services.

Dates are closing up rapidly for late 2015-2016 season.

Why wait and settle for your 2nd or 3rd choice for entertainment for one of the most important days in your life?

Did you know that people spend $1000's dollars on what will be their biggest party event

and then wait to book the entertainment toward the last minute

Party Prices

*The longer we play the less it costs!

**There is a minimum of 3 hrs of play time.

These are non-wedding, non-school, and non-corporate rates!

3 hours = $400 @$133 per hour

4 hours = $500 @$125 per hour

5 hours = $600 @$120 per hour

6 hours = $700 @$116 per hour

***(With lighting) add $50.00 to the hours listed.

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The Original Mr. DJ in Chicago - Party DJ Prices

Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Anniversary Parties, Sweet 16 Parties, Halloween Parties, Summer Pool Parties, Reunions Christmas-Holiday Parties