1. Who will actually DJ at my event? We will try to accommodate your DJ request from our team. The DJ’s listed in your contract will be at your event. 
  2. Do you have a back-up plan in case of emergency? The Original MR DJ reserves the right (in case of emergency situations) to substitute DJ’s or subcontract other services as needed with or without notification. This is for your protection. Normally this is not ever the case. So far, The Original MR DJ has never missed any wedding in 25 years. Your head DJ will be at your event with the exception of extreme situations. 
  3. How do you dress for an event? At formal events we wear a tuxedo (or a dress) and at informal parties we wear our company shirts so everyone knows who we are, with the exception of pool type parties etc. DJ's  
  4. Will your prospective clients be at my eventNo. We have a video demo here online to show prospective clients. Reason being: through the years, many bridal couples have asked to come see us in action; but truth be told we feel it and so does the host/hostess of a party that unwanted guests should not come to another’s party. Note: No DJ at anyone event will always have people on the dance floor at all times. Some crowds are party animals and others love to merely mingle. You as a potential client may walk into a crowd at your visit and witness people that just want to merely mingle and not want to dance. Years ago, as an experiment: with multiple groups of people we had played 100 different types of songs. We played the exact same songs in order for each crowd and each crowd reacted differently throughout the event. So, in theory: a potential client will not get a true concept of how their party will be by judging or witnessing anyone DJ at any given event. 
  5. What is your cancellation policy? Due to loss of potential business, we cannot refund any money within 180 days of an event. There is no refund on minimum deposits. Prior to 180 days before the event, 50 % of money paid, excluding minimum deposit, will be refunded upon cancellation of the contract. For full details, see our Legal and Privacy Information page. >>>click here<<< 
  6. How far in advance should I book the DJ for a wedding? You should book your entertainment no later than 9 months in advance of your wedding to ensure you get your first choice and 3-6 months for non-wedding type events. 
  7. Do you set up before the event actually startsYes. We arrive at your venue 60-90 minutes early to set up so as not to be disruptive to you and your guests, especially if we have not been at your hall before. 
  8. What's the most important factor in picking the entertainment for my party? Look for quality, dependability, performance, and the ability to accommodate your needs. Price should not be the most determining factor.       **When picking out a wedding DJ, we suggest that you read this first The Truth about DJ Pricing and Types of DJ’s.   >>click here<< 
  9. How long do you play? We play as long as it’s stated in the signed contract. Weddings: Usually about 5-6 hours of continuous music or when the banquet hall closes. Party Events: refer to your contract. 
  10. Can we also provide our own musicYes. We will provide all your selected songs, but if we cannot find one we will give you ample time to find it on your own. Often clients provide ethnic songs in addition to selections from our inventory. We ask for you (if you provide any music) to bring it on a CD with the listed track tittles. Recommended Music by others. 
  11. How many hours of entertainment do I need for a wedding? Don't be overly concerned with how many hours of entertainment you have, but do make sure all your needs are met. A typical wedding package includes introductions, cocktail hour music, dinner music, and cake cutting music. Most hall/banquet rentals for a wedding package are 5-6 hours. Many customers for weddings ask about playing just 3-4 hours. When this happens: The bridal couple misses out on introductions, cocktail hour/dinner music and a microphone used for toasts, but what’s worse is any DJ they hire for a short amount of time will be just playing the dance music, will come in and set up just before their performance usually while your eating dinner which usually will disrupt your guests. 
  12. What is an intelligent light show? Intelligent lighting is sophisticated computer-controlled lighting used in clubs, awards shows, etc. Intelligent lighting takes an event to a whole new level and never fails to get a great reaction from guests. See our lighting page>>>click here<<< 
  13. Is lighting providedYes. On wedding packages and on party packages the lighting is optional and an additional fee. Our lighting consists of pin spots, special effect lighting, intelligent lights, strobe lights, LED lights and fog to illuminate the entire dance floor and get everyone in the dancing mood. 
  14. Do I need lighting and what are the types? We feel that lights help set the mood, lights up a darkened floor and are fun to watch. See the lighting page for more information about how The Original MR DJ's club-quality lighting system will set the mood at your party. >>>click here<<< 

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