Cancellation policy: Due to loss of potential business, we cannot refund any money within 180 days of an event. There is no refund on minimum deposits. Prior to 180 days before the event, 50 % of money paid, excluding minimum deposit, will be refunded upon cancellation of the contract.

Deposit and payment schedule: Mr. DJ requires a minimum deposit upon signing the contract. Of the remaining balance, 50% is due 90 days before the event and the final 50% payment is due 60 days before the event.

Payment methods: Cash, check, money order or PayPal online.  

Emergency substitutions: The Original MR DJ has not missed a wedding or any other event in over 25 years of business, however, we reserve the right in an emergency situation to substitute DJ’s or subcontract another service with or without prior notification. This is for your protection as well as ours.

Acts of God: The Original MR DJ is not responsible for “Acts of God” at outdoor events.

Power requirements: Two 120-volts, 20-amp circuits for the DJ area to be supplied by the customer or venue.

Image usage policy: Before using any still pictures or video from your event for advertising/marketing purposes, The Original MR DJ will obtain a signed release form from you, the client. *This is normally in your contract.

Privacy policy: To manage our business, The Original MR DJ collects personal information including name, address, phone number, e-mail address and other information. We obtain this information from online forms, personal consultations and phone conversations. Keeping accurate and complete customer records helps us serve you better. Your personal information is never shared with, or sold to, other companies or individuals.

Copyright information: © Copyright 2015 the Original Mr. DJ
 All rights reserved. No portion of this website may be copied or distributed without prior written permission from the Original Mr. DJ 

*Full $100.00 Wedding Discounts: This package must be purchased 6 months or more prior to your wedding day. 

Most of the following terms refers mainly to "Wedding Contracts", however please refer to your contract. 

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