Our most popular interactive games include:

Y.M.C.A. — The New Village People - All ages             {a unique twist to the popular dance}
Our Dad Goes Wild Dance 
$Dance for the Groom
$Dance for the Bride
Retro The King and Queen of Disco - Teens and up         {get your cameras ready for this}
The Beer Drinking Contest – {Age 21 and up}                     [again, another unique surprise]
Can You Keep the Beat? - All ages                                                  {No, this is Not a dance}
Human Limbo Rock - All ages                                              {get your cameras ready for this}
Belly Dance Competition - Adults, teens, couples, singles
Cherry Game - All ages
Frozen T-Shirt Contest - Ages 10 and up
Lap Dance - Adults, teens, couples, singles                                      {NOTWhat You Think}

                   Also, be sure to check out our interactive songs and sing-alongs  

                           {Click>>Interactive Games/Acts Descriptions<<here

Be Interactive with the Original Mr. DJ

Let the Original Mr. DJ Get Your Guests into the Act withHilarious Interactive Acts

to keep the FUN flowing.

Make your entertainment about more than

"just dancing". Interactive games/acts will give your party that extra spark everyone will be remembering long after festivities are over. 

You'll be sure to get some great photos as your

"Dad Goes Wild" or your guests do the

"Human Limbo Rock". Did you know, Great photos are best taken when we do our surprise (________) on the Bride and Groom

Ssh! Can't tell you this one online! Call us to find out.