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Area Engaged Couples Discover Unique Ways To Make Wedding Receptions the

Talk Of The Town.

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It’s a fact according to  *(The Knot Chicago Magazine) … More than 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day!

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Brides to be, Are you feeling all in Knots & getting Nervous on your upcoming wedding? Well, sit back & relax & let us take care of all your entertainment needs. Did you know that people spend thousands of dollars on what will be their biggest party event in their life & then wait to book the entertainment toward the last minute? Not all DJ's are alike! People have rated us as being the #1 Interactive DJ Company for a reason.

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Mr. DJ is more than happy to play music for "Everyone" No matter who you Love We welcome "LGBT, biracial, you name it",  so don't skimp on the DJ/Emcee and don’t make the mistake of skimping on the entertainment. If you hire your DJ based on price alone you, may be very disappointed! 

No matter what your budget is,

you'll be happy you hired The Original MR DJ
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Top Slow Dance Love  Songs

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We will always make sure your guests know when you are Cutting your Wedding Cake

See our cake cutting music suggestions. 

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As Cinderella dances her first steps at the ball, so shall the Bride & Groom dance away to the music of the Original Mr. DJ and to help you choose just the right music for your party, here are the most requested songs for the First Dance as seen here >>>click here<<<

Every girl dreams of her Cinderella type wedding, but after the ceremony… The Original Mr. DJ will have you dancing way past midnight at your Ball! Rated the #1 Interactive Wedding DJ in Chicago. 

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Personalized Introductions 

Start your evening out with a touch of class. 
Introductions can be set to music and even props can also be used. 

Choreographed and Staged to your Satisfaction

Introductions set the tone of the beginning of

any wedding! 

We  will custom tailor personalized introductions with music to go to the theme of your choice. 

We have a list of many types of Personalized Introductions that we have done. The most popular are those chosen from TV shows or movies, but songs are sometimes picked too and every wedding is a different flavor of its own!

For a suggested list of Personalized Introductions that others have used,

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Our Wedding DJ Services features - 

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, large or small, fancy or informal, no matter what location you have in mind; rest assured the Original MR DJ will help you create just the right entertainment with or without interaction. It’s totally up to you. We truly understand the special needs of a formal wedding. Most Club DJ’s don't have the experience needed to make sure your wedding stays on schedule and how to work with other vendors. Your guests of all ages will enjoy the activities throughout the night. Wedding DJ prices. Wedding DJ Music

The Original Mr. DJ is the top Wedding Reception DJ’ in Chicago

and has been in business for over 29 yrs. bringing you

experience you can trust to make your special day truly special. 

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